You will definitely love spicy food if you know the following 7 benefits of spicy food

Many people are followers of spicy foods, but are afraid of their harmful effects on health. However, did you know that spicy food also brings many great benefits. Let's find out 7 amazing benefits of spicy food below!

1. Spicy dishes help promote heart health

Recent studies have concluded that countries with a cuisine famous for spicy food have a lower incidence of cardiovascular disease than other countries. Chili peppers in particular have been shown to benefit heart health. In chili peppers contain capsaicin - a substance that works to reduce LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol increases the risk of cardiovascular disease) in the human body.

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2. Spicy dishes help relieve pain

There is a lot of scientific evidence that the capsaicin in hot and spicy foods is effective in reducing pain caused by inflammation. More deeply, Capsaicin has analgesic effects due to its natural anti-inflammatory ability and slows down the transmission of pain information to the brain. In fact, prescription pain relievers and creams may contain capsaicin as an ingredient. Find healthy organic chili powder here.

3. Boost metabolism and burn calories

Do you often sweat when eating hot spicy food, such as Indian food or Sichuan hot pot? Did you know, the mechanism for the body to eliminate this amount of sweat is the same as the result after a workout session, it is a sign of calories in the body being burned. The New York Times reports that eating a spicy meal can increase the body's calorie-burning activity by 8%. The strong heat of spicy food increases the metabolism in the body. Dieters may think of eating spicy food to lose weight.

4. Promotes Bone Health

Many hot peppers have nutrients like vitamin C and vitamin A. A deficiency in these vitamins can lead to reduced bone strength. Although vitamin D, calcium, and protein are all known to be important compounds for bone health, vitamin A is just as important. People who are deficient in vitamin A are more likely to break bones than those who are well supplied.

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5 . Spicy foods have antibacterial properties

Cumin and turmeric are ingredients found in many spicy dishes from around the world, especially in Mexican and Indian cuisines. Research shows that these ingredients have strong antibacterial properties. They can help fight harmful bacteria, increase the body's immunity.

In addition, vitamin C found in spicy foods is also one of the best vitamins to support the immune system that the body cannot make on its own. Find super delicious spicy snacks here.

6 . Can prevent cancer

There is evidence that ingredients in many spicy foods may help reduce the risk of certain cancers. Capsaicin in chili peppers is one example that has been shown to reduce the growth of cancerous tumors and it can kill dangerous white blood cells. Although a lot of research is still needed before it can be applied to treatment, the potential of this research direction is also promising.

7. Spicy foods make your mood better

There is scientific evidence that eating spicy foods can make you happier. According to research, many spicy foods help increase hormones such as serotonin that make you feel better. These hormones help people better regulate their emotions in the face of negativity, sadness, anger, and stress.

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Above are some benefits of spicy food for your health. Hope this article is useful to readers. Don't forget to help your family and friends know more about this useful information by sharing this post!

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