Weight gain menu for chronically thin people Gain 3kg in 1 week

Are you looking to gain weight fast…

But eating forever but still not fat can not gain weight “despite eating a lot and eating continuously, but the weight remains the same”. Don’t worry because below we will show you the most effective ways to gain weight from nutritionists.

Just follow the menu to gain weight in 1 week below, you will definitely gain at least 4kg / 1 month. Whether you have a thin body or a body with difficulty absorbing nutrients. Just follow the instructions below.

When applying the weight gain menu for thin people, you need to pay attention to the calculation of calories consumed.

It must be calculated that the amount of calories taken in is greater than the amount of calories consumed.

For example: 1 day you consume 1000 calories, you have to take in 1500 calories => This will help you gain weight effectively.

See calorie calculator and daily food calorie calculator for more details.

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Whether you are a man or a woman, a weight-gaining diet always needs to be full of different nutritional groups. Make sure that these 4 basic substances must be included in your weight gain menu (Starch, Fat, Vitamin and Mineral). Because the lack of one of these nutrients will make the body become sicker.

Certainly, eating enough meals is necessary to build a weight gain diet for thin people. Because if you skip meals, the body will be in a calorie deficit and slow down the weight gain process.

Have you ever wondered: Why can’t you gain weight if you eat a lot, enough nutrients?

Eating a lot here is not that you eat a lot in 1 meal but divide it into many meals in 1 day.

In the weight loss menu for thin people that we are about to share below. You should divide into 6 meals in a day, each meal should only eat little and enough “should not eat” so that the body can absorb nutrients.

Especially those who have difficulty absorbing nutrients.

Combining the use of additional support foods such as weight gain pills is also a way to improve physique quickly.

In the weight loss menu for men and women, did you know that breakfast is always the most important. Therefore, breakfast cannot be skipped anyway “if you want to gain weight”.

Breakfast will provide enough nutrients for a working day. Because the time to sleep at night, the body has absorbed all the nutrients in 1 day. Therefore, breakfast will help you gain weight more effectively.

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Please add to the menu to gain weight the following foods: Eggs, milk, bananas + Vermicelli, vermicelli with fat

You should eat rice with meat, fish, soup… Contains fat, protein and fiber (found in vegetables). After each meal, you should eat 1 to 2 bananas along with foods rich in vitamins such as fruits, smoothies, juices, etc.

This is the last main meal on your weight loss menu. So you still need to get all 4 essential nutrients! Do not eat a lot, it will be difficult for the body to absorb. Eat enough and moderate to support better digestion.

After eating 20 minutes, eat 2 more bananas + fruit… Especially don’t drink milk before going to bed!

Snacks are also very important in the weight gain diet of thin people. Because this will be the deciding factor for the fast or slow weight gain process.

If you want to gain weight quickly and quickly, add 3 extra meals a day.

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Eat fast food, snack right, on time. Eat at 9:30 a.m., 3 p.m. and 9 p.m.

You choose foods such as milk, bread or cakes, sausages, bananas, fruits, smoothies, etc. You should also eat moderately, not too full. Because it is difficult for the body to absorb nutrients, the more you eat, the harder it is for the body to absorb.

Done: Here is the weight gainer menu for 1 week that we want to share with you. You can flexibly change it to fit your daily activities. Always but remember that you must meet all 4 groups of nutrients above.


Do you wonder why bananas are always an indispensable food in the above weight loss menu? Nutritionists have shown that 1 banana provides up to 90 calories for the body. Therefore, you can add bananas to your side meals to gain weight faster.

So we have finished showing you an effective 7 day weight gain diet and menu.


However, eating alone is not enough. In order for the body to absorb maximum nutrients, you need to combine it with exercise, such as gym, yoga, jogging… Helps the body stay healthy and prevent diseases effectively.

Immediately apply the above weight gain menu to improve weight in just 1 week, you will see a noticeable change. Whether you are a skinny senior or a man or a woman, you can apply the above diet.

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