12 super delicious and cheap summer cooling drinks you can't miss

Hot summer weather makes you feel uncomfortable and tired? Let's find out 12 simple and easy cooling drinks to make at home!

1. Green tea

Green tea is known to be a very healthy drink. With the antioxidant content EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) can reduce the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, reduce high blood pressure, good for the heart, ...

In addition, green tea also has cool properties to help purify toxins in the body and help beautify the skin effectively. Just about 5 cups of tea a day, equivalent to 1 liter of green tea water, will help you stay awake all day, relieve all stress and fatigue to focus on working and taking care of your family.

The best time is to drink in the morning and noon, avoid drinking in the evening, it will affect sleep.

2. Bitter melon tea

With a bitter taste, bitter melon tea's cool properties not only help clear body heat but also increase resistance. Besides, bitter melon tea also has the effect of treating boils, rashes, itching, reducing fat in the blood, ...

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3. Artichoke tea

It is no longer a stranger, artichoke tea is loved by many people because of its cool aroma, characteristic bitter and slightly sweet character. In addition, artichoke also has the effect of purifying the liver, diuretic, regulating biliary circulation and reducing blood fat extremely effectively. Currently, there are many convenient brands of tea bags that you can easily buy and use right away.

4. Gotu kola juice

According to Oriental medicine, gotu kola has a sweet taste. This is considered a valuable remedy in medicine with many effects such as clearing heat, detoxifying the body in general and for the liver in particular, treating heat rash, pimples, constipation, anti-aging skin, ...

Every day you can use from 30-50g fresh gotu kola to cook drinking water instead of filtered water will be very good for the body. Note, because gotu kola has a welding property, so it is not suitable for pregnant women.

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5. Corn silk juice

Do you know the effect of corn silk yet? Quite a few people overlook this seemingly useless part of the corn plant. Corn silk ingredients contain stigmasterol and sitosterol, as well as plant acids that are surprisingly effective in preventing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and stabilizing blood sugar, clearing heat, etc.

You can use fresh or dried corn silk to make a refreshing daily drink that is very healthy and super delicious.

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6. Water with lime leaves

In traditional medicine, the mandarin tree (leaves, buds, roots, bark) is cool, bitter, slightly acrid. It is often used as a refreshing tea and has a very effective cooling effect in the hot summer. Besides, it also has the effect of supporting the spleen, helping to eat well, digest well, diuretic and support the treatment of diabetes very well.

However, you should not drink tapioca leaf juice on an empty stomach, because it will make the bowel movements more active, making the body lose energy and fatigue. The best time is to drink after eating.


7. Brown rice tea

Have you ever heard of brown rice tea? You will be quite surprised at the effect of this extremely effective cooling brown rice tea. Brown rice includes an extremely diverse and abundant nutritional content such as starch, protein, fiber, vitamins and other elements necessary for the body. This is truly a menu not to be missed.

In particular, you can use about 100g of roasted brown rice as a summer cooling tea to drink daily, which can help purify the blood, beautify the skin and lose weight very well.

8. Pumpkin (Purkin) Tea

Pumpkin tea is an indispensable cooling drink in the list of the most recommended hot season cooling drinks. This is a refreshing drink, very easy to drink, has a diuretic effect, reduces fat, treats constipation and helps to purify the body. You should use squash tea regularly to have a healthy body and a healthy, acne-free skin.

Because squash tea is cold, cases of abdominal distension or diarrhea should not be limited.

9. Passion fruit (Passion fruit)

Passion fruit is a popular fruit in our country and is loved by many people because of its sweet and sour taste and extremely special aroma. This is a fruit that contains a lot of vitamins C, A, which is very good for health, especially for pregnant women at the beginning of pregnancy. Just 1 glass of cool passion fruit juice will dispel the hot summer day, helping you to feel refreshed all day long.


10. Crocodile water soaked

The familiar cooling drink of the Northern people is indispensable is soaked crocodile. Crocodile fruit has a sour taste, cool properties, can be eaten immediately, made jam or better this summer, soaked crocodile to drink water daily. Every day, you only need to drink 1-2 glasses of diluted crocodile water, which can also help cool down and support the digestive tract very well.

However, crocodile has a sour taste and acidity, so people with stomach problems should drink in moderation, especially not on an empty stomach.

11. Tapioca starch water

Belonging to the top summer drinks, tapioca water is still one of the most popular cooling drinks. According to Oriental medicine, tapioca flour has a moderate, sweet taste, in addition to its use of refreshment and heat, it also helps to provide energy for the body, relieves alcohol and treats headaches quite effectively.

12. Aloe vera juice with alum sugar

In addition to its beauty uses, aloe vera is known for its alum sugar aloe vera dish that is very effective in cooling in the summer. In addition, aloe vera juice also has the effect of cooling the liver, detoxifying, supporting digestion, increasing resistance and helping the body to be full of energy. There is nothing better than drinking 1 glass of aloe vera juice every day with alum sugar.

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Besides, when you drink aloe vera juice regularly, your skin will naturally smooth, tighten pores, limit sebum and strangely clean acne.

Hopefully these summer cooling drinks will help you have a fresher and more energetic summer. Do not forget to follow regularly to receive useful information for life!

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