Foods that are good for pregnant women to help a healthy fetus

Good food for pregnant women is always the concern of families with young children. Continuing with part 1, let's find out more about what pregnant women should eat for healthy fetal development!

11. Good food for pregnant women cannot be without corn

Diet for pregnant women cannot be without corn (maize). This fruit is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, starch, crude protein, carotenoids, magnesium and many other minerals. Each type of corn, depending on the color, has its own health benefits.

Specifically, red corn is a very significant source of natural B vitamins. This vitamin will help pregnant women get rid of sores, mouth ulcers, glossitis and riboflavin deficiency. Not inferior, yellow corn is rich in magnesium, supports vasodilation, good for the digestive system and enhances metabolism.

Eating corn will help purify the pregnant woman's body effectively thanks to abundant amino acids and glutamate. If you drink corn water, corn tea, your blood pressure will be stable, diuretic, heat inflammation, indigestion or diarrhea will also disappear.

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12. Bananas

Bananas bring benefits to pregnant women both physically and mentally. First of all, the potassium content in bananas will help balance the amount of fluid in the body, avoiding water retention. Not only that, the starch in bananas will be an abundant source of energy for the body's daily activities.

Moreover, a good night's sleep is always a prerequisite for the best state of mind and health. Therefore, getting a good night's sleep is extremely important for pregnant women and the abundant tryptophan in this fruit will do it.

13. Sunflower seeds

If you are looking for a food to snack, to help mothers reduce boredom and paleness during pregnancy, choose sunflower seeds immediately. This is a food rich in omega-3 fatty acids, omega-6, vitamins A, B, D, E, K, magnesium, iron, calcium, zinc and potassium, very good for pregnant women.

However, pregnant women also need to be careful when using sunflower seeds. Eating too much will affect tooth enamel, because the seed shell is quite hard. In addition, if you eat old sunflower seeds for a long time, it will increase cadmium toxins, affecting the nervous system.

14. Strawberries

Pregnant mothers often cannot resist the attraction of a sweet and sour strawberry smoothie. But more than that, this fruit also provides excellent amounts of vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium and folic acid. Strengthening the immune system, beautifying the skin and supporting iron absorption are benefits not to be missed thanks to the above nutritional ingredients.

15. Red meats

Red meat is an extremely rich source of protein. This is a key factor in keeping the fetus and muscles healthy. Besides, the process of brain and tissue development and maintenance of red blood cells are other impressive benefits that red meat brings.

In addition, during pregnancy, women need to be supplemented with a large amount of iron to form red blood cells mentioned above. This smoothie is abundant in red meat. Therefore, pregnant women, especially pregnant women with anemia, should add this type of food to the menu.

16. Legumes

Constipation or hemorrhoids are diseases that mothers are afraid of during pregnancy. Reduce these risks by eating legumes that are rich in fiber and protein.

17. Chocolate

Sweet chocolate bars are also good food for pregnant women. Magnesium content will help pregnant women avoid high blood pressure. In addition, chocolate also has flavanoids that help neutralize toxins when pregnant women are exposed to tobacco, pesticides, etc. The mood of pregnant mothers will also be improved by chocolate. Buy chocolate here.

In particular, eating chocolate also helps prevent pre-eclampsia. This is a phenomenon of high blood pressure during pregnancy with the complication of excess protein in the urine. Theobromine in dark chocolate helps prevent this symptom. However, this food is very sweet, so use it in moderation.

18. Grapes

This is a fruit that offers a range of health benefits for both mother and baby. Vitamin A and flavonols found in grapes help the baby's vision development, while B vitamins help the mother control metabolism. Your baby's nervous system will also be protected thanks to the folate, potassium and sodium content in grapes.

19. Soy milk

If pregnant women skip drinking soy milk, it's a pity. This familiar drink contains a lot of folic acid, which is beneficial for the nervous system and with protein to help the fetus develop well. Not only that, the carbohydrates and vitamin E in soy milk will also provide extra energy for the mother during pregnancy.

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20. Coconut water

Besides this bean milk, coconut water is the second best drink for pregnant women that you should use. Normally, during pregnancy, the mother's body has an increase in blood volume, which increases the weight of water by about 15 kg and forms an amniotic sac.

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In addition, the mother also needs water to regulate the body to avoid stress and fatigue. Therefore, the addition of water is extremely necessary. Meanwhile, coconut water is both delicious and adds electrolytes like potassium. Therefore, pregnant women should drink coconut water during pregnancy.

So just introduced you to a list of good foods for pregnant women. Add it to your menu right away to help you and your baby stay healthy. Do not forget to share this article with your family, relatives and friends to update this useful information!

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