The healing uses of lotus seeds that you cannot ignore

Since ancient times, lotus seeds have always been considered a precious medicine in folklore. Because not only is the ingredient to make many delicious dishes, but the medicinal uses of lotus seeds are also extremely wonderful. So let's learn about this useful food!

Origin and nutrients of lotus seeds

As the name suggests, the lotus seed is a part of the lotus flower. Lotus is a flower that lives in a muddy pond in rural Vietnam. All parts of the lotus have certain uses in the treatment of diseases and lotus seeds are a dish as well as a medicine that is more familiar to the Vietnamese people.

When the lotus is old, the petals will fall off and reveal the young lotus cobs. Then the lotus corn grows big enough to harvest large white lotus seeds. On average, an old lotus flower will give 20-25 lotus seeds. Harvest time is usually in late summer and early autumn.

Lotus seeds contain a lot of protein, potassium, magnesium, sodium and other essential nutrients, but the cholesterol content is quite low. This makes lotus seeds a nutritious food for all ages.

With a sweet aroma, rich in fiber without sugar, lotus seeds have become a favorite dish of many people. In 100g of lotus seeds can contain up to 18g of protein, 350 calories, 68 g of carbohydrates but only about 2g of fat.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, lotus seeds are also known as Lien hum, which has the effect of sedating the mind, nourishing the spleen, helping the kidneys, treating common diseases such as picky eating, insomnia, diarrhea, dehydration, and anti-aging. and promote health.

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Medicinal uses of lotus seeds

Cure insomnia, headache

Lotus seeds contain heart, also known as lotus heart, which are green cotyledons with a bitter taste, but they make a great contribution to the treatment of insomnia and headaches of the sick. The carbohydrates or vitamins B and C in lotus seeds also have the effect of improving migraines.

You can take 20g of lotus seeds, 40g of black beans, 20g of mulberry leaves, 12g of chrysanthemum shells, then pound the ripe stars, add sugar, make small pellets with corn kernels and dry them gradually, using them twice a day, 20g each time.

Lower blood pressure, improve heart rate

The bitter ingredient isoquinoline alkaloids contained in lotus heart has great support in the treatment of diseases of blood pressure and heart disease. They help dilate blood vessels and effectively regulate blood pressure. Thanks to the high sodium content in lotus seeds, it also helps you have a healthy heart with stable blood pressure.

Improve picky eating, cure digestive diseases

In lotus seeds contain a lot of nutrients that have the effect of nourishing the body, curing digestive diseases such as diarrhea, bloating and improving anorexia.

Eating a lot of lotus seeds will help you have a quick appetite, feel more delicious in each meal. Thanks to the fiber of lotus seeds, the digestion of food from the stomach to the intestines also becomes easier and more convenient.

Treat anemia and prevent body weakness

The nutrients iron, magnesium and antioxidants present in lotus seeds contribute to blood formation, prevent negative effects from free radicals and help to nourish the body.

To treat weakness, as well as cardiovascular disease or anemia mentioned above, often cooking lotus seed porridge is the most useful remedy. You need 30g lotus seeds and 150g plain rice, a little salt and cook it into porridge. Eating lotus seed porridge regularly will help promote health and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

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Applications of lotus seeds in life

Cook food

The dishes made from lotus seeds are very popular and have great use in treating headaches and insomnia, such as chicken stew with lotus seeds, stewed bones with lotus seeds, lotus seed porridge, etc.

Make tea or tea to drink

Longan lotus seed tea is the most commonly used and most delicious of all lotus seed teas. To make longan lotus seed tea is quite simple, just 100g of fresh lotus seeds, 300g of longan, 400g of granulated sugar.

You can find out specifically how to make longan lotus seed tea:

Fresh or dried lotus seeds used as snacks

Not only used to cook medicine or make nutritious dishes, lotus seeds are also used by many people as a daily snack.

Eating fresh or dried lotus seeds are both ways to turn this ingredient into a delicious and nutritious snack. In particular, dried lotus seeds can be kept for a long time without fear of mold damage.

Notes when using lotus seeds

Lotus seeds have many uses in healing and protecting health, but if not used properly, it will cause serious consequences.

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With many useful uses, lotus seeds are really a smart choice for housewives. To learn more nutritious foods, don't forget to follow us!

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