6 principles of eating mooncakes without worrying about gaining weight, good for health

The cake is not only delicious but also contains a very high nutritional content. Therefore, people often worry that eating too much causes weight gain and is not good for health. The 6 principles of eating cake properly listed below will help you!

Every August full moon, people look forward to tasting delicious cakes, diverse in design, color and flavor. However, this traditional cake contains a huge amount of calories, equivalent to a meal, a bowl of pho or even 5 chicken thighs.

Depending on the type, the number of calories will vary, but usually in the range of 700 to 1000 calories. Specifically, if you eat a 200-gram 2-egg scone, you've loaded your body with 800-1000 calories and 30-40 grams of fat.

Therefore, many people worry that eating too much will cause rapid weight gain and acne due to heat in the body. However, you will experience an incomplete season without this cake. Therefore, please refer to the following 6 notes of to protect your body and health!

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1. Don't eat too much

As mentioned above, cakes have a very high nutritional content, especially starch and sugar. Eating too much will cause weight gain very quickly. You should not eat more than one cake per day. Please refrain from cravings if you do not want to have to exercise intensely to get back in shape!


2. Eat at the right time

Do not eat when hungry and tired

On an empty stomach, our need to eat increases. The reason is that the stomach's ability to absorb heat is very high at this time. Therefore, eating cakes when hungry can make you unable to control your appetite.

Besides, adding sweets when the body is tired will lead to vitamin B deficiency. This is a vitamin that plays a key role in converting sugar into useful energy. This wrong way of eating only makes you more sluggish and tired. In addition, weight will also increase because sugar turns into unhealthy fat.


Don't eat at dinner

Evening (after 19:00) is the time when the body is sedentary to consume energy. Therefore, the calories from the cake at this time will become excess, stored in the body as fat leading to weight gain.

Avoid eating right after the main meal

Many people have the habit of eating cake after a meal as a dessert. However, this is a serious mistake. Eating rice has provided enough energy for daily activities, if eating more cakes will cause weight gain.

3. Eat small pieces and eat slowly

Blood sugar will not be controlled when you eat too many sweets at once. Absorbed too quickly will make the body not keep up, leading to energy accumulation causing obesity. Therefore, eating small pieces slowly will be the most scientific way to eat cake. In addition, for the followers of cake, the craving will be repelled by dividing the cake to eat.

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4. Drink green tea and eat cake

The flavors of cake and green tea blend well together. When combined with tea, you will also not feel bored by the sweetness of the cake. But most importantly, sipping with green tea in the morning will have a positive impact on health. Because green tea has the effect of purifying the body, supporting the digestive system and losing weight effectively.

5. Combined with a scientific exercise regime

Eating cake but still wanting to stay in shape means that you have to accept regular exercise. Exercises will help release the energy absorbed from the cake. Not only that, this is also a healthy habit that everyone should maintain.

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6. Throw away the expired cake right away

Expired foods should be discarded immediately, including cakes. In particular, mixed cakes with ingredients such as jam, sugar, eggs, etc., when overdue, will lead to metamorphosis, which is not good for health. So, don't waste your money or be attracted by promotions after buying and eating expired cakes!

Above are the principles of eating cake without gaining weight that have been synthesized. Remember to protect your health each season. Don't forget to share the useful information in this article with your family and friends!

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