Combining traditional medicine and western medicine properly to avoid losing money

Today, the combination of traditional medicine and western medicine to support healing is increasingly popular, but not always achieving the desired effect, even making the disease worse. Let's learn how to combine these 2 remedies effectively and safely!

How to combine oriental medicine and western medicine?

According to research and proven fact, the combination of rational use of traditional and western medicine will help improve the effectiveness of the drug and reduce side effects. However, if not coordinated properly, it will cause serious effects and unwanted complications.

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When using western medicine as prescribed and prescribed by your doctor, you can combine it with the appropriate oriental medicine that you already have available. Usually, each drug has a different time to take, with the right drugs, you should adhere to the schedule of taking medicines as prescribed by your doctor or instructor.

As for drugs that are not being used at the same time, you should stop using one until you have used up the other, then go back and take it again. Or you should arrange for the time to use these two types of oriental medicine and western medicine far apart to ensure safety.

Oriental and Western medicines can be combined

1. Medicinal alcohol and scopolamine

Medicinal alcohol is a type of medicine that works like wind oil, tiger extract used to treat bone pain and arthritis. And scopolamine is used to treat motion sickness, appendicitis, reduce secretions and anesthesia.

These two drugs can be used together, they help reduce arteriolar constriction, reduce blood viscosity and have a sedative effect. At the same time, medicinal alcohol also helps to increase the effectiveness of scopolamine in blood pressure treatment.

2. Useful herbs, convenient with Nitric acid ester drug group

Hoang Ky, Bach Truc, and Party Ginseng are useful medicines to help protect the digestive system and enhance immune function. Nitric acid esters are vasodilators used in the treatment of angina, abdominal cramps, etc.

When these drugs are taken together, they can reduce the unwanted effect of digestive upset – a side effect of taking the medicine.

3. Tam ventricular and prenylamine

Relieve pain, help dissolve blood, aid digestion and beautify are the uses of Tam ventricular - a medicine that everyone knows. Prenylamine is also a vasodilator used in the treatment of angina.

These two drugs can be used together to enhance coronary flow, reduce myocardial oxygen consumption, protect the myocardium, and enhance the anti-anginal effect.

4. Ginseng and Mexiletine

Ginseng is effective in antibiotic, bacterial infection. Mexiletine is used in the treatment of arrhythmias. When these two drugs are used together, they will enhance the effectiveness in treating recurrent tachycardia and ventricular fibrillation.

5. Flowering and clofibrate

In the treatment of high blood pressure, rosemary is very popular because it has very good uses. Clofibrate is effective in reducing high cholesterol levels in the blood. When used together, it can increase the effect of reducing blood fat and preventing coronary atherosclerosis. You can buy a manual of herbal medicine here.

Mistakes when the combination of drugs and medicines is extremely dangerous

Antibiotics with traditional medicines containing microorganisms

All types of antibiotics have inhibitory effects on microorganisms and enzymes, so when using antibiotics, it is not recommended to use traditional medicine containing microorganisms and many types of yeast such as god, chao bean, etc. paint tra…

If it is not abstained, the Northern medicine will lose its effect completely, and the antibacterial effect of the antibiotic will also be greatly reduced.

The group of tetracycline drugs with oriental medicine contains a lot of calcium and magnesium

Western medicines such as tetracycline cannot be mixed with Chinese herbs containing substances such as calcium, magnesium, etc. These Northern medicines include antidote tablets of oxen, zhang tablets, alum, from agar, ... in the West. y, tetracycline is mainly used for anti-inflammatory, easy to combine with inorganic substances such as calcium, magnesium, etc. to form compounds that are difficult to absorb, reducing the effectiveness of treatment.

Patients who want to increase the effectiveness of anti-inflammatory, along with the use of Western medicine antibiotics, use anti-corrosion tablets, causing the opposite result, they will lose the anti-inflammatory effect. Similarly, when tetracycline is used with licorice or herbs with ellagic acid components such as lily-of-the-valley bark, lichens, medlar, ... all reduce the therapeutic effects. You can buy warm herbal medicine here.

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Some other cases should be taboo when using a combination of Eastern and Western medicine

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Traditional medicines containing nitrileglycosides such as peach kernels or almonds should not be used together with western medicines belonging to the sedative, anesthetic and comatose group because they can affect the respiratory and digestive systems, especially liver.

Medicinal herbs such as oleander, millennium and digitalis should not be used together. That can affect your heart rate. The sulfanilamide group of drugs should not be used with dandelion, apricot or cross-frame – herbs that contain organic acids. Because that can cause urinary stones.

Above are a few notes when using a combination of oriental medicine and western medicine that you should know. If you have more ideas, please share with us and remember to follow to update more interesting information.

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