9 mistakes when eating fruit are common but few people think about it

There are many mistakes when eating fruit that many people are making. You need to eat fruit in the right way in order to take full advantage of its benefits. Let's learn about the mistakes when eating fruit below to have a reasonable adjustment!

1. Eat fruit after eating

Most of us often make the mistake of eating fruit after eating for dessert. However, did you know that this is really not good for your health. Because, when you eat full, the stomach needs some time to digest the food. If you eat fruit right now, you will not be able to absorb all the nutrients and even make your stomach full and difficult to digest.

So when is it good to eat fruit? The best time is to eat fruit before meals or at least 1 hour after eating.

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2. Eat only fruit to lose weight

How to lose weight with fruit is no stranger to many people. However, if you only eat fruit to lose weight and completely eliminate other foods, it is really a serious mistake affecting health.

Advice, instead of eliminating other foods in the weight loss menu, combine them with eating fruit. You should divide meals and alternate snacks with fruit instead of candy, soft drinks, etc.

3. Eat fruit when hungry

Should you eat fruit on an empty stomach? We will easily find out that the mistake of eating fruit on an empty stomach will make you feel nauseous. Because, in fruit contains an amount of acid, this is the cause of bad effects on the digestive system.

Therefore, you absolutely must not eat fruit on an empty stomach. Instead, snack on healthy foods like vegetable salads.

4. Eating too much fruit

According to research, in some fruits contain quite high glycemic index, causing the calorie level and blood sugar level in the body to increase excessively. On the other hand, eating a lot of fruit also makes the stomach expand and makes you want to eat more later.

So how much fruit is enough? According to the advice of nutritionists, each day you should only eat a maximum of 2 cups of fruit. Besides, you also need to note that the amount of fruit you should consume depends on the level of exercise and the amount of calories consumed by each person.

5. Wrong fruit selection

Very few people pay attention to the calories and nutritional content of fruit. However, not all fruits are the same and are also low in calories.

For example, a large apple will contain about 120 calories, a small apple will contain about 50 calories. You will not expect that the calories in a small apple are even equal to that of a large orange. Therefore, check the calories before you want to eat fruit to lose weight.


6. If you eat any fruit, remove the skin

Most of us have the habit of removing the peel of fruit before eating. But there are some types of fruit peels that contain a lot of vitamins and antioxidants that you did not expect.

For example, apple peel ingredients are rich in fiber and vitamins A, C are very good for people who want to lose weight effectively. Besides, you should also pay attention to choose a place to buy clean fruits and soak them thoroughly with rice water or dilute salt to ensure safety.

7. Drink only fruit juice

Undeniably fruit juice is very good for health. However, if you completely replace fruit with juice, you are wasting an abundant source of fiber from fruit.

Not only that, fruit juice also slows down the release of glucose in the body. Therefore, you should combine with reasonable fruit consumption and use of smoothies instead of just drinking juice.


8. Eat fruit after peeling for too long

The wrong fruit habit you need to give up is leaving it too long after peeling. Because at this time, the fruit is very easy to be penetrated by bacteria and oxidized in the air. This makes it easy for you to have stomach pain when eating and especially bad for your health.

The best option is to peel the skin when you eat it. If you peel it but leave it for too long, don't regret it, just throw it away. Note, it is necessary to store fruits in a cool, dry place or in the refrigerator to keep them fresh and full of nutrients.

9. Eat fruit but don't be taboo with other foods

Not all foods can be eaten in combination with fruit. Even if the combination is wrong, it also adversely affects the digestive system and kidneys, such as heartburn, nausea, headache, abdominal pain, diarrhea, etc.

Some fruits and vegetables you should not mix together such as carrots and oranges, bananas and guava, lemons and papayas, milk and pineapple, milk and oranges, etc.

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Tips for choosing safe fruit

Fruit is very good for health, but it is also necessary to know how to choose to ensure the best and delicious fruit. Here are some basic tips for choosing fruit you can refer to.

In addition to choosing the right fruit, you should also wash it thoroughly and soak it with dilute salt or rice water before eating. Eat fruit every day to provide enough vitamins for your body.

Above are the most common mistakes when eating fruit. Right now, you should eliminate improper fruit eating to protect the health of you and your family. Share with everyone to together eliminate mistakes when eating fruit is harmful to health.

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