What should people with heart disease eat? Diet reduces risk of death by 32%

New research concludes that eating more plant-based foods and fewer animals can contribute to improved circulatory health and reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by up to 32 percent.

Recent studies on the diet for people with cardiovascular disease

More and more research is showing that eating more plants and less animals is much better for your health, especially those at risk for cardiovascular disease.


Specifically, a recent study found that a more plant-based diet reduces the risk of heart failure by up to 40%, a reasonable vegetarian diet even helps you avoid "sudden death" with a lower rate of death. equivalent.

Recently, a new study appeared in the Journal of the American Heart Association (Casey M. Rebholz, PhD, professor of epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD) reinforced the scientific basis for these findings.

The researchers found that eating more vegetables, beans, seeds and whole grains, and reducing animal foods were strongly associated with a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

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Diet for people with heart disease

Rebholz and colleagues performed their study on 12,168 people. Subjects are middle-aged, and the research topic is “atherosclerotic risk” in the Community (ARIC). The ARIC project followed patients from 1987 to 2016.

The researchers classified the participants' diets by scoring them on four levels. It depends on the amount, safety, cleanliness and distribution of plant-based foods in the daily diet.

The surprising results of the diet reduced the risk of all-cause mortality by 25%, and cardiovascular disease by 32%.

After comparing and contrasting the two groups that ate more animals and ate more plants, the results showed that those in the group that ate the most plant-based foods and scored the highest were likely to have the disease. 16% lower cardiovascular risk, reducing the risk of worst-case scenarios such as heart attack, stroke or heart failure. “Higher plant-based food consumption reduces the risk of death from any cause by 25% and the risk of death from cardiovascular disease by 32%.”


“While you don't have to give up animal foods entirely, our research shows that eating more plant-based foods, reducing animal-based foods can help. reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and other types of cardiovascular disease.” Author Casey M. Rebholz said.

Dr. Mariell Jessup, scientific and medical director of the American Heart Association (AHA), who was not involved in the study, also commented on the results: “The association recommends that you eat the diet. Eat plant-based foods, but as long as the foods you choose are nutrient dense, low in sugar, sodium (salt), low in cholesterol, and low in trans fats.”

“For example, french fries or cauliflower pizza with cottage cheese has a low nutritional value, high cholesterol content. Unprocessed foods, like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, are the best choices,” explains Dr.

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The advantages and limitations of the study

The study's lead researcher also points out that this is one of the first studies to examine the effects of a plant-based diet on people at high risk for cardiovascular disease on a large scale.

Several previous studies on a small scale also have many similarities. "The results from this study are quite consistent with previous findings on other diets, such as the dietary approach to preventing hypertension, or the DASH diet," Rebholz added.

However, the study also has some limitations, some errors arise from inaccurate reporting of study participants' diets or diets from previous times that are no longer relevant to the industry. modern food industry.

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