12 anti-cancer foods that need to be added immediately to the menu

Cancer is a dangerous disease that everyone fears. Choosing anti-cancer foods plays an important role in cancer prevention. Let's learn about 10 cancer-fighting foods that need to be added to the daily menu.

According to statistics,  country with a high rate of cancer patients compared to the world. In fact, cancer is often detected when it is at a metastatic stage, complications and difficult to treat in time. Therefore, let's prevent cancer now by applying it in our daily diet.

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1. Blueberries

The composition of blueberries contains powerful antioxidants such as phytochemicals and flavonoids. This is a substance that reduces the bad effects of free radicals caused by cancer. Not only that, blueberries also help increase the ability to effectively kill breast or colon cancer cells.

2. Apples

According to research, apples contain procyanidin, a type of antioxidant capable of helping to destroy cancer cells.

In addition, the fiber in apples when eaten will be fermented in the colon, thereby limiting the formation and growth of cancer cells. In particular, apples have the ability to resist colorectal cancer, breast cancer, stomach and lung cancer.


3. Cherries (Cherry)

Cherries belong to the group of anti-cancer foods, have a characteristic sweet and sour taste, contain a lot of fiber, vitamin C and potassium. In particular, anthocyanins present in cherries have strong antioxidant capacity and help limit the growth of cancer.

4. Grapefruit

Grapefruit is a familiar fruit to us, but not everyone knows this is a great cancer prevention food. According to traditional medicine, grapefruit is also a remedy to cure many diseases, including lung cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer.


5. Green tea

Green tea is known for its many health benefits, with polyphenols and flavonoids with powerful antioxidant properties.

In addition, the catechins present in tea are effective in reducing the growth of liver, breast, prostate, lung, skin and colon cancers. This really is a great option on the list of anti-cancer foods. You can find green tea here.

6. Walnuts

Walnuts have long been known for their many health benefits. According to expert research, walnuts contain a rich amount of alpha linolenic acid, omega-3 that has the ability to prevent the formation of free radicals that cause cancer.

For the most effective effect, you should use it regularly and regularly to prevent breast cancer, prostate cancer and bowel cancer. You can find walnuts here.

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7. Bitter gourd

Bitter melon is one of the remedies in oriental medicine, used to support healing and protect health. The anti-cancer agent in bitter melon is from the protein quinine - an active ingredient that reduces the growth of cancer cells.

In addition, bitter melon seeds also help inhibit protease to secrete protease, thereby reducing the proliferation of cancer cells in the body.

8. Eggplant

With ingredients solanine, cucurbitacin, eggplant is proven to support effective cancer prevention and treatment. Eggplant has also been tested to be effective in preventing tumors and stomach cancer. This is a little-known anti-cancer food.

9. Seaweed

Among the ways to fight cancer with food, seaweed is an indispensable choice. With high iodine content, seaweed has great effect in supporting the prevention and treatment of goiter.

In addition, seaweed also contains sodium alginate, which has the ability to eliminate cancer-causing substances such as cadmium, strontium. You can buy seaweed here.

10. Sweet potatoes

Sweet potato is an extremely familiar dish, it is on the list of foods that help prevent cancer effectively. According to a study, the dehydroepiandrosterone in sweet potatoes has the effect of preventing some cancers such as breast cancer, colon cancer, etc.

11. Salmon

Salmon is a golden food that fights cancer and is very good for health thanks to its rich nutritional content. According to statistics, the proportion of people who eat salmon regularly have less risk of blood cancers, myeloma than those who do not eat or eat less.

According to recent research, the amount of omega-3 fatty acids found in salmon also reduces the risk of endometrial cancer in women.

12. Spinach (Bina)

In the ways to fight cancer with food, spinach cannot be missing. It contains abundant zeaxanthin and lutein, which have a very good effect on eliminating cancer cells.

In particular, spinach is recommended by nutritionists for women to use regularly to prevent ovarian cancer and endometrial cancer.

Tips to prevent cancer

Besides applying foods that help fight cancer, you also need to take some notes to prevent cancer more effectively.

Through some of the above anti-cancer foods, choose and prepare a daily menu for your family. Prevention is better than cure, so do it now.

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