What should women eat after giving birth to recover quickly?

After giving birth is the time when the mother needs to supplement the necessary nutrients to quickly recover and provide milk for her baby. So what should women eat after giving birth? Check out the article below!

1. What should women eat after giving birth? Carp cannot be missed!

For a long time, carp has been known as a good food for postpartum women. The reason is that this part of fish contains protid, which stimulates uterine contractions. At that time, the muscle fiber is shortened, pressing on the vessel wall so that excess blood (birth blood) and fluid is pushed out of the body. Therefore, use carp cooked with alcohol to treat postpartum uterine bleeding.

Not only that, this fish is also neutral, sweet, diuretic and helps detoxify the body effectively. Eating carp will promote the mother's lactation. Therefore, postpartum women should add this food to the menu every week.

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2. Chicken eggs

Chicken eggs are cheap, easy to cook and easy to transform into many different dishes, while the nutritional content is abundant. Specifically, the protein content in this food is very high, helping to promote maternal health. In addition, pregnant women's wounds also heal faster thanks to the nutrients in chicken eggs.

Not only that, this food is also beneficial for brain cells, helping your baby grow healthy and smart. The amount of breast milk is also improved by eating eggs. However, the number of eggs per week should be limited to 4 to avoid adverse effects on the digestive system.


3. Lean beef

Lean beef has a high protein and iron content, providing good energy for the mother after going through an arduous labor process. Besides, pregnant women also need to add vitamin B12 and other nutrients to breast milk to feed their babies better. At this time, lean beef is a food not to be missed.

4. Green Papaya

During pregnancy, the mother should stay away from green papaya to avoid the risk of miscarriage. However, after giving birth, this fruit needs to be added to the menu thanks to the abundant amount of fat, protein, vitamins, etc.

Postpartum women should eat nutritious and delicious green papaya stew. This stew not only enhances the lactation process but also supports the treatment of dilute milk, which is essential for breastfeeding mothers.

5. Dark green vegetables

Postpartum women should eat dark green vegetables to improve their health and quickly recover to take care of their children.

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Jute vegetables

Jute vegetables should be added to the main weekly meal for postpartum women. With only 200 – 250 g per week, milk and milk fat will be improved. This vegetable is also very good for the digestive system.

Vegetable spinach

Thanks to its sweet, viscous and cool taste, rhubarb will benefit milk, good for mothers who need milk to feed their babies. In addition, good vitamins such as vitamins A3, B3, saponins, iron, etc. in this vegetable are also necessary for the mother's health.

Sweet potato vegetables

Sweet and fragrant sweet vegetables, cool, non-toxic. Therefore, eating boiled or fried sweet potatoes a lot will laxative and benefit milk, very good for women after giving birth.


Vegetables shrinkage

The nutritional components in spinach such as protein, fat, calcium, iron, phosphorus and vitamins A, B, C will help strengthen breast milk. At the same time, eating this vegetable also helps reduce fever, cure ulcers, ...


Anethole, photoanethole, and dianethole are compounds that help promote milk production by the body. Because these ingredients will stimulate the secretion of substances necessary for this process, prolactin and estrogen. Therefore, women after giving birth should not ignore this vegetable.

6. Brown rice

Many women after giving birth want to quickly get back in shape like before, so they fasted, making their bodies weak, always tired and not having enough milk to feed their babies. At this time, mothers should try using brown rice for a healthy diet, ensuring enough energy and effective weight loss. Buy brown rice here.

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7. Fruits

Postpartum women should not ignore fruit - a natural source of vitamins and minerals that are extremely good for health. Please replenish energy for the body with oranges, tangerines, apples, grapes, papayas, avocados, etc. Pregnant women should eat chopped fruit and chew it thoroughly to warm it up in the mouth before swallowing.

Through the above article, readers' question "What should women eat after giving birth" was answered. Hopefully the above list of foods will help the mother recover quickly and have enough nutrition to feed her baby.

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