5 principles of eating fruit to maximize nutrient absorption

Fruit is a natural source of nutrients, very good for health. However, eating the wrong way also leads to unpredictable consequences. Let's learn the principles of eating fruit the right way!

1. Do not eat fruit dessert after main meal

Fruit is digested faster than rice and food. Therefore, when eating after the main meal, instead of being metabolized and pushed into the intestines, the fruit is blocked by rice, bread, pho, vermicelli, etc. At this point, both the fruit and the food will ferment, causing you to experience gas, bloating, and indigestion.

Not only that, the amount of starch and carbohydrates in fruit is relatively high. They accumulate in the stomach will affect the performance of the digestive system. In addition, fruits, especially sweet ones, are high in sugar. Combining foods with meals will lead to high blood sugar, which is not good for people with diabetes.

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Therefore, the most appropriate time to eat fruit is an hour before or after the main meal. At this time, the burden on the stomach will be reduced, the digestive system can work effectively for the body to absorb the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals in the fruit.

2. Eat right after peeling

Not only does the delicious taste disappear, but the amount of healthy nutrients in the fruit will gradually decrease if left for a long time after being peeled and cut into pieces or juiced. Therefore, you should eat it right away, avoid keeping it for too long.


In case you need to prepare in advance, you can soak the fruit in a solution of light brine (1%). As a result, the amount of vitamins and minerals will be kept at the maximum level.

3. Prioritize eating fresh fruit

Fiber in fruit is a very good component for the digestive system, helping to prevent related diseases such as indigestion, constipation, etc. Eating fresh, whole fruit is the most effective way to absorb this substance.

However, many people only prefer to drink fruit juice because they think it is a nutritious and quintessential part. However, this measure accidentally lost a significant amount of fiber. If you drink juice, you should drink it slowly, in small sips so that saliva can mix with the juice, creating conditions for the body to better absorb nutrients.

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4. Limit fruit processing

Processing methods, from drying, stir-frying to baking, "deprive" most of the nutrients in fruit. Therefore, dried fruits, tea or sticky rice do not have much nutritional value.

Therefore, you should limit the processing of fruits to enjoy the full benefits of this food. If you want to incorporate into a dish, mixing fruit into a salad with a minimum amount of sauce and vinegar is the best option.

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5. Stay away from “industrial” fruits

Fruit is very good for health, but "industrial" fruit is exactly the opposite, causing many harms to the body. Dried fruit, jam, bottled or canned juice all contain very little vitamins and fiber, while the amount of preservatives and chemical sugar is very high.


Above are the principles of eating fruits properly, helping you to absorb the most beneficial nutrients from this food. Remember and follow to limit unnecessary mistakes when eating fruit.

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