Absolutely taboo foods should not be combined with each other

Combining foods together to prepare a variety of dishes, avoiding boredom is essential. However, there are many wrong choices that will leave unpredictable consequences to health, let's learn and remember!

1. Beef

The delicious scorched steak "saw" many diners thanks to the quality of the beef. Rich in iron and vitamin B12, this red meat is believed to prevent anemia as well as promote muscle tissue growth.

If you combine beef with vegetables such as spinach, celery, potatoes, etc., you can absolutely exploit the nutritional composition of meat. However, if you accidentally choose the following taboo foods, please pay attention, it is not good for your health!

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Vitamin C in chestnuts, when encountering microorganisms in beef, will produce a reaction that changes the protein structure, bringing no nutritional value to the user.

Soy bean

Beef and soybeans are classified as high in purines – substances that produce uric acid. When these two foods are combined, uric acid increases, causing the knee joints to fall into a dangerous condition. This is a major threat to the health of gout patients.

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2. Pork

You can choose varieties such as cabbage, broccoli, etc. to make delicious pork dishes for the whole family. As for the following foods, you should pay attention not to combine them to avoid harm to the body.


The sourness of apricots is extremely incompatible with the sweetness and cold of pork, which is the cause of the uncomfortable feeling of writhing in the abdomen, or worse, cholera.


If the dessert is a crispy white pear that accidentally appears as soon as you finish the pork dish, don't be foolish to "handle" but let the time interval be about 15-30 minutes. Your kidneys will be in serious trouble just because of your ignorance.


3. Chicken

A plate of fragrant chicken stocked with galangal (turmeric) or a hot pot of hot pot of chicken leaves in Giang leaves will be two of the many ideal suggestions for your family menu. For people who are constantly under pressure, a bowl of chicken stew is an extremely effective remedy.

Thanks to its protein content and amino acid complex, chicken has a positive effect on the brain and brings a sense of euphoria. However, it will play the villain when combined with the foods below.


Chicken is naturally warm (warm) while garlic is natural heat, according to Oriental medicine, the weather is easily injured if it is hot or cold in a fight.


To stimulate the taste, many people often dip boiled chicken with sesame salt, but the above eating habits are sowing a hidden danger in the body every day. Chicken belongs to the maple tree, if digested with sesame seeds, the result is a state of drunkenness and dizziness in humans.

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4. Carp

Not only is it a delicious dish with thick and fatty meat, but it also holds a firm position in the top nutritious foods, especially for pregnant women. It helps with pregnancy, tonic blood, warms the spleen and stomach, except for fatigue, anemia, and milk gain. You should cook carp with dill, wormwood, red beans, etc. and stay away from the following foods.

Cucumber pickle

The mistake of cooking hot pot or sour fish soup with pickles increases the risk of stomach cancer - a constant obsession for anyone.


Nutrition from fish is difficult to absorb into the body thoroughly if accompanied by tomatoes. For sick people, their ability to receive external substances is very weak, so it is meaningless to supplement with this bowl of porridge.

5. Shrimp

Shrimp is known to be a significant source of protein and calcium for the body. Bones and joints rely on that to grow strong and supple.

In order for the sweet taste of shrimp to be fully felt, you can use vegetables such as squash, purple yam, sweet cabbage, etc. However, do not be foolish to combine it with the ingredients listed below.

Foods rich in vitamin C (orange, lemon, yellow bell pepper, tamarind...)

Arsenic Pentoxide in shrimp, when accompanied with Vitamin C, turns into a product called Arsenic Trioxide – a toxic substance that can push you into lethargy, fatigue, respiratory failure, nausea, even death. .

6. Crab

Do you know why in the meals of anorexic children, mothers often choose sea crab as the main ingredient? Nature has favored crabs with high protein content as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which are factors that help the body easily digest, help absorb other substances well.

You can enrich your daily meal with an "addictive" plate of rim me crab or a nutritious bowl of pumpkin crab porridge (soup). Or you can combine crab with foods like pumpkin, carrots, etc. In particular, don't forget to stay away from the ingredients below!


According to research, the above combination disrupts the digestive process as well as reduces the function of the stomach in disinfecting. So, if you don't want to hold your stomach and moan all day, then please "pocket" this useful lesson.

Coming to eateries or restaurants, the only drink you get for free is probably refreshing iced tea, but if crab is included in the dishes ordered today, you have to refuse these cold drinks.

Shopping is not an easy job. In addition to determining reasonable prices, choosing fresh products, housewives need to be fully equipped with knowledge about the relationship between foods.

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