After cesarean section, what to eat and what to abstain from to quickly heal scars and have more milk?

Diet for mothers after cesarean section is extremely important. A reasonable diet will help pregnant women recover quickly, heal scars and have milk to breastfeed. Let's find out what to eat and what to avoid after giving birth!

Caesarean section is a measure to help mothers successfully give birth in necessary cases. Mechanistically, the effect on the mother's body is somewhat different from that of a vaginal birth, so the nutritional care for women who have a caesarean section also has its own characteristics.

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What should women eat after cesarean section?

1. Protein-rich foods

Protein helps accelerate the growth of new tissue cells, improving the condition of pregnant women after surgery. Therefore, eating foods high in protein will help mothers heal scars and restore health soon. Protein rich foods you can use like fish, eggs, chicken, dairy foods, meat, peas, dried beans and nuts.

2. Foods Rich in Vitamins

Vitamin is rich in antioxidants, it participates in the production of collagen in the body to help regenerate scar tissue, ligaments and new skin. In addition, Vitamin C also supports anti-inflammatory and infection after surgery. Foods rich in vitamins you can easily find such as fruits, vegetables, oranges, papaya, watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit and sweet potatoes.

3. Foods rich in fiber

Fiber is an essential source of nutrients for pregnant women after giving birth. Foods of this group help relieve constipation, ensure the circulation of bowel movements. Difficulty in digestion will stagnate circulation in the intestinal tract, putting pressure on the abdominal wall muscles as well as the incision. This slows down the healing process and affects the health of pregnant women.

The most common dietary sources of fiber are green vegetables and fruits. Include them in your daily diet.

4. Foods Rich in Iron

Iron is an important component in the formation of red blood cells. After cesarean section, women often have blood loss. Adequate iron supplementation for the body to regenerate red blood cells is extremely necessary. In addition, iron is also a factor involved in the body's immune process.

But you should also pay attention to use enough iron because when excess can cause constipation. The recommended iron level is 10mg/day for women 14 to 18 years old and 9mg/day for people over 19 years old. Common iron-rich foods include egg yolks, red meat, oysters, figs, beef liver, and dried fruit.

5. Foods high in calcium

Calcium is also a nutritional group that cannot be ignored for postpartum mothers. During lactation, about 250-350mg of the mother's calcium will be transferred to the baby, moreover, the woman's pelvis is subject to considerable pressure during pregnancy. Therefore, calcium supplementation will be necessary to increase the flexibility of the bones, avoid osteoporosis and degeneration. In addition, calcium also helps limit blood clotting after surgery.

Good sources of calcium are milk, yogurt, cheese, tofu. Milk not only provides calcium and zinc for the recovery process of pregnant mothers, but also is an extremely good lactation food. For such benefits, do not forget to add enough calcium in each meal.

6. Water

Drinking plenty of water helps prevent dehydration caused by breastfeeding, increases the flow of bowel movements and relieves constipation. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day including varied liquids such as low-fat milk, fruit juices (unsweetened), herbal teas, coconut water, buttermilk and soups.

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Notes for mothers after cesarean section are extremely important

I have just learned with readers about what mothers should abstain from eating after cesarean section and what to eat to quickly heal scars and quickly improve their health. Postpartum nutrition is extremely important, so mothers should not be subjective with their health.

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