6 benefits of cowpea to help improve and promote health

Chickpeas are foods that are used a lot in daily meals. In addition, they also help in the treatment of many diseases. Let's find out the health benefits of cowpeas!

Cowpeas (also known as striped beans) are often used to process all kinds of dishes from stir-fried, steamed, boiled to soups, salads, etc. The dishes made from cowpeas are sweet and tasty. taste and help people eat more appetizing.

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Not only bring delicious meals, cowpeas also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, which have very effective healing effects. The remedies made from cowpea are usually easy to implement, very benign and suitable for many subjects with different diseases.

1. The first benefit of cowpea is good for the digestive system

In the composition of cowpea contains a lot of fiber, especially there are 2 main components: soluble and insoluble fiber, which helps the digestive system to work well and prevent constipation effectively.

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2. Cure spermatozoa, kidney failure

Nephropathy is a disorder of the kidneys where the kidneys excrete too much protein and urine from the body. Therefore, the body needs more protein to develop and filter toxins in the blood, helping to reduce health problems.

Meanwhile, cowpea contains a lot of vegetable protein, is average, can nourish the kidney and spleen, so it is very suitable for men with spermatogenesis, kidney failure, cloudy semen or frequent urination. Try the cowpea porridge that we recommend below!



Put all ingredients in a pot and cook it into porridge. Before each meal, eat a bowl of porridge, maintain eating daily to ensure that the disease does not recur.

3. Cure abdominal distension

Distention, flatulence, dyspepsia are manifestations of bloating in the intestines caused by fermentation waste products. This condition not only makes the patient feel uncomfortable but also slows down the digestive process, making digestive disorders more and more severe.

Therefore, cowpea is indeed an effective "panacea" for patients with abdominal distention because they are frugal and contain many essential nutrients, helping to reduce discomfort as well as limit food poisoning. .


100g - 150g young cowpeas with the shell on.



4. Helps stabilize blood sugar

Many people subjectively believe that high blood sugar only occurs in people with diabetes. But in fact, people without diabetes can still have high blood sugar levels. Because of this, we always have to have a reasonable diet, in which eating cowpeas regularly is a good way to stabilize blood sugar.

Cowpeas are rich in protein and high in fiber, so the starch in beans will be absorbed by the body for a long time. This process can help keep blood sugar stable and prevent diabetes effectively.

5. Helps with anti-oxidation

Cowpea is one of the cheap vegetables but has a high nutritional content, contains a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, iron, ... beneficial to health in many aspects. Vitamin B2 in cowpea is a nutrient with antioxidant effects, which helps prevent and effectively support cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Besides, due to its rich calcium content, cowpea is also known for its use in preventing osteoporosis and preventing bone cancer.


6. Cure malnutrition in young children

Children who are not nutritionally balanced from an early age are more likely to have problems with growth and development. Therefore, nutritional supplements for children's comprehensive development is always what mothers are most concerned about. And one of the indispensable ingredients in children's nutritious meals is protein.

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It can be said that cowpeas are a very good source of protein because their composition contains a lot of vegetable protein, which is essential for the development of the brain and body. In addition, cowpeas also contain proteins that have the ability to fight bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases, helping to protect children's health in the best way.

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30g cowpea root, washed.


So I have introduced to you 6 benefits of cowpea for health. Hope this information will be useful for you in using cowpea to promote health for yourself and your family members. And don't forget to read other news above!

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