Guide for babies to eat solids properly and scientifically

From the 6th month onwards, mothers often give their children complementary foods, but how to get a scientific and nutritious weaning menu, not everyone knows. Let's find out how to properly feed your baby!

How many months baby should weaning?

When is the first thing parents need to know about feeding their children weaning (eating sam)? Eating too early or too late also affects the physical and motor development of children.

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4 squares of essential nutritional groups for children

The International Organization for Research on Nutrition has provided 4 food squares corresponding to 4 groups of essential nutrients for children, but the center of these 4 food groups is still breast milk. 4 food groups for children include: basic food group, protein-rich food group, energy-rich food group and group providing vitamins and minerals.

In summary, when giving solid foods to children, it is necessary to use fresh, clean, easy-to-eat foods and ensure adequate nutritional components (vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, zinc, calcium), energy, and protein:

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Baby food recipe

Feed your baby solid foods before 1 year of age

Baby food formula for 1-2 years old

Feed your baby solid food from 2-3 years old

From the 4th year onwards, the child can eat the same meal with the family and add 1-2 snacks during the day. Buy baby formula here.

Notes to know when giving baby solids

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Hopefully the information that we share can help mothers and families take better care of their children's health. Don't forget to visit our Health section to update more useful experiences for you!

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