11 extremely good calcium-rich foods for all ages

Calcium helps nerves, bones, muscles and hormones work properly. However, less than 10% of women over 51 years old do not meet the required calcium intake. Let's learn about calcium-rich foods that are good for health!

For most adults, the daily calcium requirement is 1000 mg. Pregnant women, nursing mothers and children aged 9-18 have higher than normal calcium requirements. In particular, the amount of calcium needed for women over 51 years old is 1200 mg per day.

Things to know to drink milk properly

Milk is a calcium-rich food, each cup of cow's milk can contain 300 mg of this mineral, and they also contain vitamin D to help the body absorb calcium better. However, for some reason, you cannot drink cow's milk, there are many other options that are also rich in calcium like the foods below.

1. Kale is one of the foods rich in calcium

Many plants have the ability to provide calcium, but kale is rated as one of the best. This is because some other vegetables such as spinach, turnip greens and beets contain a lot of calcium, but they also have oxalic acid that binds to calcium, which can interfere with the body's ability to absorb.

The source of calcium found in kale is considered to be more easily absorbed than from milk. One cup of cooked kale contains up to 177 mg of calcium and 53 mg of the same amount as fresh kale.

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2. Cabbage

Kale is also known as bok choy. It is one of the few plant-based foods that the body has a particularly high ability to absorb calcium from. One bowl of cooked bok choy contains 158 mg of calcium and 74 mg with fresh bok choy.

3. Yogurt

Dairy products are always an excellent source of calcium, and yogurt is also a good choice. With a cup of about 280 grams of yogurt provides a huge amount of calcium up to 448 mg. In addition, they add about 10 grams of protein and about 4 grams of fat - this will keep you feeling full until the next meal.

In addition, yogurt is easy to eat, easy to combine with fruits to make desserts suitable for all ages.


4. Cauliflower

Broccoli, also known as broccoli, is a food that you should add to your menu to provide your body with 86 mg of calcium with 1 bowl of cooked cauliflower.

Not only that, they also provide an abundant amount of fiber that is good for the digestive system, the mineral potassium is essential for the heart, vitamin C helps to keep the skin young and vitamin A is good for immune function as well as keeping the skin healthy. healthy eyes.


5. Seafood

You may not know that seafood is not only delicious, but also rich in calcium and other nutrients. Certain types of seafood contain a lot of calcium, such as sardines, salmon, and shrimp. Each 106 grams of sardines contain about 351 mg of calcium, while if you eat about 80 grams of salmon they also contain up to 241 mg and with the same amount you can get from shrimp is 123 mg.

In addition to providing calcium, sardines are one of the few foods rich in vitamin D, salmon is a rich source of heart-healthy omega 3 fatty acids, while shrimp provide protein and other essential nutrients. such as selenium and vitamin B12.


6. Cheese

Cheese is another dairy product that provides a lot of calcium, but depending on the type of cheese, the amount of calcium you get will also vary. With 1 ounce (equivalent to 28.35 grams) of Cheddar cheese contains 199 mg of calcium, in Mozzarella cheese 222 mg and 336 mg with Parmesan cheese. One note is to balance your diet because cheese can increase your calorie intake!

7. Almonds

Just a handful of almonds is equivalent to 1/4 cup, which includes a lot of heart-healthy unsaturated fats, some protein and enough fiber to tame hunger and you'd guess it provides nearly 100 mg of calcium? For the above benefits, actively add to your snack a marzipan or a handful of nuts to sip! Order almonds here.

You can care about some blender to use:


8. Tofu

Tofu is a bone-friendly option. Indeed, just 1/2 cup of tofu can provide between 250 and 800 mg of calcium, which means you'll get the same calcium absorption as milk. Plus, tofu is also a great way to get protein, fiber, and iron if you're on a vegetarian diet.

9. Figs

Figs are commonly known for their slightly acrid sweetness, but their calcium content doesn't go completely unnoticed.

One serving (about 4 dried figs) has 50 to 60 mg of calcium for strong bones, and they also provide a dose of potassium that works against calcium excretion in the urine. Not only that, they also add fiber which is very good for the body. Order dried figs here.

10. Orange juice

Try replacing your daily dairy with a glass of calcium-fortified orange juice. Just one cup of orange juice provides about 350 mg of calcium, along with vitamin D, vitamin C, vitamin A, and even potassium.

11. Cereal Flour

Enjoying a calcium-fortified cereal for breakfast is not a bad choice. They can provide from 100 to 1000 mg of calcium in addition to the fiber that is essential for the body. The advice is to choose the one with as little sugar as possible and 5 grams or more of fiber.

Above are calcium-rich foods that are good for all ages that everyone should know to add to their daily menu. For more useful information about nutrition, don't forget to visit every day!

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